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The music is superb, the recording accoustic perfectly judged, and the performances absolutely first class. Alistair Dixon's direction is ideal. The music is allowed to breathe, is never forced, and the polyphony made absolutely clear - even in the 40 part motet 'Spem in Alium'. One might argue that the performances are slightly 'cool' and lacking in emotion but I think this is good thing. Tallis' music is intensely spiritual and loses some of its transcendal beauty when performed in a romantic way.

I cannot praise this set too highly. Tallis is one of the greatest of Renaissance composers and his works, in their entirity, deserve the widest possible exposure.

These serene recently recorded works are terrific value for money. You get 9 crammed CD's of beautiful english church music. Don't let the fact that this is (mostly) church music put you off; anyone would marvel at Tallis's invention of blissful soundscapes using the human voice. A trip through some of the most turbulent years in English history, the production values are consistently high, capturing the great singing of Chapelle Du Roi under the careful direction of Alistair Dixon. Full texts and notes are included in a complimentary CDROM; be warned, there are 75 pages of very helpful notes, etc. all in English! Perhaps oddly, these works sound very modern and make me think of some of Arnold Schoenberg's vocal works. Strongly recommended to any lover of brilliant (pun intended!)music.

The music of 16th Century English composer Thomas Tallis spans the reigns of four English monarchs and some 5 decades between the 1530's and 1570's, the entire surviving output of his musical works being represented on this 10CD box set.

All the works are performed by the 8 voice English `Chappelle Du Roi' directed by founder Alistair Dixon, recorded at various venues between 1996 and 2004. All information such as dates, venues, soloists are included on the card CD sleeves and although I would like to have seen a brief booklet with overview of the works, the CD ROM with 75 pages of comprehensive notes provides more than any enclosed booklet could offer.

The set offers a really unique chance to hear all of the composer's works in such a uniform interpretation - as far as I'm aware there has been no previous undertaking by anyone to perform and record all of Tallis's works onto a single volume, and indeed some of his compositions are heard here for the first time. The bringing to life of music which has lay unplayed for perhaps centuries is a huge achievement and suitable compliment to one of the finest composers of the Renaissance period.

Lovely performances, quality recordings nicely presented in compact (2cm thick) card box which is unmatched ... in terms of value and quality.


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