Meet the Tudors

17 December 2011
St John's Smith Square


Chapelle du Roi returns to one of London’s top concert venues – St John’s Smith Square - for its annual Christmas concert.

Meet the Tudors promises an intriguing programme of Christmas music from England’s golden age of music. Henry VII’s victory at the Battle of Bosworth marked the beginning of the Tudor dynasty which was to last for over 100 years until the death of Elizabeth I in 1603.

This relatively short period of time saw the most extraordinary development in sacred music; from the elaborate melisma of the late medieval style, through to the humanistic influences of Erasmus; the telling syllabic style of the Reformation and the golden ‘high Renaissance’ of Elizabeth I.

In this concert Chapelle du Roi performs sixteenth century English music for the seasons of Advent and Christmas. The programme includes some of the greatest gems from the Tudor age including Thomas Tallis’ sumptuous seven part motet Suscipe Quaeso and Alistair Dixon’s reconstruction of the motet Beati Immaculati.

St John’s Smith Square is a superb concert venue and its Footstool Bar and restaurant is open before and after the concert.



A solis ortus cardine Sarum chant
Rorate Celi William Byrd
Magnificat Regale Robert Fayrfax
Hodie Christus Natus Est William Byrd
Verbum Caro John Sheppard
Beati Immaculati  Thomas Tallis
Suscipe Quaeso Thomas Tallis
If Ye Love Me Thomas Tallis
I Give You a New Commandment John Sheppard
Regis Tharsis John Sheppard
Videte Miraculum Thomas Tallis
Te Deum Thomas Tallis
Alma Redemptoris Tomás Luis de la Victoria


Tickets: £25.00 / £20.00 / £15.00 / £10.00


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