20 April 2011
St John's Smith Square


by Candlelight

Holy Week was one of the richest sources of inspiration for many of Europe’s Renaissance composers.

As the tension mounted in the approach to the crucifixion and resurrection, the music accompanying the liturgy would become more emotional and highly wrought.

The greatest drama was found in the candlelit service of Tenebrae held at sunset; the shadows lengthening as the candles were extinguished one by one.

In this candlelit programme on the eve of Maundy Thursday Chapelle du Roi performs music from the three great days.

Lamentations, Improperia and Responds feature from composers including Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, Francisco Guerreo and Tomás Luis de Victoria


Lamentations   Thomas Tallis
In Jejunio et Fletu    
Derelinquit Impius    
Emendemus in Melius   William Byrd
Ave Maria   Tomás Luis de Victoria
Tenebrae Responds    
O Domine Jesu   Francisco Guerrero


Tickets: £25.00 / £20.00 / £15.00 / £10.00

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