The Absolution of England

18 December 2010
St John's Smith Square


The marital manoeuvrings of Henry VIII in the 1520s onwards saw increasing difficulties between England and Rome. Following Henry's dubious marriage to Anne Boleyn and his execution of Cardinal Fisher in 1535, England was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for heresy.

Mary's accession to the throne in 1554 resulted in Cardinal Pole absolving England from heresy, and England was re-admitted into the Catholic church. It was the high point of Mary Tudor's five year reign.

This programme of music celebrates the events of that time including Mary's accession, the return to Catholicism, and her hope for a male heir. We also include music relating to subsequent events in the reign of Queen Elizabeth and England's second excommunication.


Salve Festa Dies
  Sarum plainchant
Mass Puer natus est nobis
  Thomas Tallis
Third Mass of Christmas
  Sarum Plainchnt
Suscipe quaeso
  Thomas Tallis
Gaude gloriosa Dei mater
  Thomas Tallis
Super flumina Babylonis
  Philippe de Monte
Quomodo cantabimus
  William Byrd
O Lord let Thy servant, Elizabeth
  William Byrd


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